Allpro Horse

Door to door horse transport coast to coast in well ventilated trailers. The drivers are lifelong horse people with years of horse handling and horse hauling experience.

Well maintained and clean sanitized horse transport to move your horses they you would, carefully with lots of time built  in for rest and hydration. These folks are devoted horse  professionals who believe in quality care and comfort for your horse.

Can organize and assist you with your trip anywhere

in the United States and usually pass on significant savings

over other horse shippers. Have incorporated the

assistance of some well respected haulers who are offering

a different kind of shipping experience that can save

you money! Financing Available.

We have decades of experience caring for horses and managing Olympic level equestrian dressage training facilities for World Class Riders. We want to make sure that your horse has safe and peaceful transportation. We work with you to plan your haul and communicate with you before and during your equine transport. We are horse owners and animal lovers who know how difficult it can be to find quality horse transportation and work with you to assure you affordable, dependable hauling that you can rely on.

The horses ALWAYS come First! 

Serving the needs of the horse community for over 30 years!

We know how hard it is to navigate your way to finding the right transport options.  Check out the frequently asked questions. Or give us a call. We are always happy to help. 

904 982 4472 Rory Williams or call Kim DePasquale at 352 207 0570  

The drivers are all licensed and insured. They respect your time and show up when you are ready and see your horses safely to their destination. They are flexible and can usually work with you around your dates. You have a point of contact available to you from start to finish so you never have to worry about communication. Stalls are fully divided and boxes are available.